Since 2003 we have been helping transit agencies, municipal administrators, elected officials, and civic leaders determine whether marine transit is feasible and appropriate for your communities.

Our programs examine community engagement and demand modeling, operational foundations, funding sources, and administrative systems that you can implement to build or expand a water taxi or ferry route—and successfully finance its ongoing operation.

2022 Ferries Conference dates and location to be announced soon!

Attendees are drawn from the spectrum of stakeholder groups:


Clients: public transit agencies, community leaders and elected officials seeking information on developing a system


Vendors: ferry operators, shipyards, designers and engineers who can design and operate a ferry system on behalf of a community


Public Funding Sources and the Regulatory Community:  those government agencies charged with helping communities fund transportation solutions, and those agencies which ensure that the solutions are appropriately operated.


Peter Philips

Colibri Northwest

(206) 779-2746

“Great conference! Of all the similar events I have been to, this was the best, as far as making good business connections and building existing relationships. The sessions provided just the right balance between the technical and political, and were geared well for the audience that attended.You and your team did a fine job — hats off to you!”

Greg Jose, Marketing Manager, BMT Designers and Planners